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  • There are so many decisions you have to make when you are planning your wedding and it’s hard to know if you’re making the right ones. Hiring Yuliya to be my wedding photographer was one of the best decisions I made. Working with her was like working with a a friend I had known forever (even though we had just met!). Yuliya has this amazing spirit that makes you feel at ease and she is so talented that when you get your photos back you will find yourself saying, “I didn’t know I could look like that.” She understands love, lighting, photography and friendship. She also understands weddings. She will reach out to you before the wedding to make sure she understands what’s important to you - the little details about your handmade bridesmaids flowers or the fact that your Grandma is flying across the country and you want special shots with her. And then she will shoot your wedding and capture your special day like she has known you and your partner forever. Chances are, she will also send you a slideshow of your best shots while you’re on your honeymoon. I watched mine about 20 times in a row from our hotel room in Maui. 

    If you’ve found “the one” and now you need “the photographer” look no further than Yuliya. Seriously. Stop reading this and contact her. 

    - Alison

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  • Yuliya . . . First off, my fiance and I cannot thank you enough for the amazing photos you took of us and for making us feel so comfortable in front of the lens. We had a surprisingly great time. I forwarded the link to my family and friends and everyone has responded with lots of "oohs" and "ahs" and my mom has fallen even more in love with your work, if that's possible. I keep catching my fiance watching the slideshow....pretty cute of him. We can't wait for the wedding (I'm even kind of excited to get my picture taken now!).  Love, Casie and Eric

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  • Yuliya, I've been looking at the photos every chance I get (which equates to a handful of times every day). I will never get tired of looking at them either. I can't begin to tell you how grateful my husband and I are that you were able to photograph our wedding. I have never looked at a photo that I have been in and truly felt the moment was captured. Thank you for being such an amazing person to work with.  I'm already looking forward to finding an excuse to work with you again in the future. Thanks for posting what you did already.  It is magical and has been fun to share with our closest family and friends. Laurin + Chris

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  • Yuliya, we want to thank you for hanging out with us and capturing our life together. We really enjoyed it and couldn't stop mentioning how much fun we had after we left. Oh and did we mention how much we LOVE the pictures, they are just gorgeous! Thank you for your friendship, Marina + Tim

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  • Thank you so very much for sending us the wedding photos so quickly! You had me pretty much bawling my eyes out with that slideshow, haha! We absolutely LOVE you! I'm not sure you know how talented you truly are... Lindsey + Pat

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  • Casey and I just finished watching the slideshow of the wedding and those pictures are amazing! We feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful and talented photographer like you capture such perfect moments! Thank you thank you thank you!!! (can you tell we are excited haha!). Love, Natalie and Casey

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  • Aloha from Kauai!

    Rod: Diana is going crazy over here looking at these photos; thanks Yuliya for posting this and giving me a happy wife.

    Diana: ah! so pretty! I love every single one. Makes me want to go back to that day. You made us look so good. Thank you.

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