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  • About Yuliya
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Your story is unique as you. I'd love to tell it elegantly, beautifully, and timelessly . . . through photographs.

I'm a 30+ year old entreprenuer, an arist, avid coffee shop goer and kind of obsessed with the J.Crew minimalist outfits. I have four nephews and two nieces who are the love of my life. My four year old niece never stop reminding me that we need a cookie date and then a coffee shop date, and that downtown is also her favorite place ;). 

I split my time between a San Francisco Union Square studio and a Sacramento one. Please let me know where it's most convenient for you to meet and I'd love to host you in one of my two places. Weddings is not just my passion, it's a perfectly fit glove for me. I love helping my brides with planning, giving them budget friendly ideas (weddings do get expensive), and giving tips on how to have a smooth timeline on their wedding day! I planned my sister's gorgeous private property wedding, from linens, to live music, and have expertise on the perfect backdrop to make your reception photos look amazing. 

I photograph wedding as far as Lake Tahoe, Napa, Healdsburg, Monterey and Carmel, and of course my favorites will always be in the heart of San Francisco. Begining of the year I spent shooting all over Italy, France, the Swiss Alps and all the way to Sweden.

Funny enough I've picked up photography my senior year of college when I decided to spend an extra summer abroad in Israel to pursue a Master's Degree. My MBA never happened on paper, but I've been happilly running a business for most of my twenties. 

Like all life's best adventures, photography is something I stumbled upon while living in Israel after college. I've photographed everything from the Blue Mosque of Turkey to the Great Pyramids and the amazing pink stones of Petra, and never thought I would be doing something so elegenat as wedding photography in the feauture. A the time I worked as a full time writer, yet I not only wanted to tell stories through words, but also through photos. When my writing contract ended, photography became my new full time venture. 

I learned my craft from other established artists and worked with some of the finest photographers to cultivate my skills. I'm particularly drawn to beautiful light and use both the outdoors and indoors to find the best light that flatters my subjects.

My style is a mixture of artistic directing, story telling and capturing moments as they unfold. I believe directing is helpful to you and your fiancé, so you feel like models at my shoots, and as an artist, I believe in taking the extra time to find most beautiful light. During the ceremony and reception, I take on journalistic approach, capturing the day as it unfolds.

I’m Yuliya, of European descent and with my heart left in San Francisco. Besides being a wedding photographer, I'm a musician, an avid coffee shop goer and a lover of big cities. "Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life..." is a quote by Mark Twain displayed on my desk. I love early mornings, wardrobe styling, beautiful light and the busy street corners of New York.

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